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Despite the existence of scientific research results in systemically important financial institutions, systemically important insurance companies are studied insufficiently.

The author’s classification of the stages of the formation of the methodical device for determining the G-SIIs is represented ³n the article. The reasons of G-SIIs category separation are given. The expert’s conclusion and regulatory documents adopted at each stage of the process of formation of the methodical device for determining the G-SIIs are investigated. The changes in the methodological approaches to the determination of systemically important financial institutions for 2013-2016; Key components and reasons of such changes incorporations are highlighted.

Formation of the insurance company referring to G-SIIs techniques is a complex process involving a comprehensive recording of changes in the conditions of functioning of financial markets. The vital task is the development of evaluation methods of national systemically important insurance company which can be based on a phased approach to the identification of G-SIIs that is the subject of further research.

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Keywords:  Systemically Important Insurers, identification criteria, system risk, insurance groups, the methodology of evaluating G-SIIs.


Daruna Bila
postgraduate, department of banking, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics












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