Policy (goal and objectives)

Securities Market of Ukraine is a scientific and practical publication on financial markets with a national and international distribution area, which publishes the results of scientific research in the rubrics covering all areas of knowledge in the financial markets. In view of this, authors who in their scientific works analyze and substantiate theoretical preconditions and methodological bases of scientific solution of the actual issues of financial markets in the conditions of globalization changes, laws and principles of functioning of financial institutions, results of researches of financial markets in the conditions of integration processes, etc., are allowed. The magazine is a peer-reviewed publication supporting open access to scientific publications.

The purpose of the scientific publication.

The purpose of the scientific paper "Ukrainian Securities Market" is a multidimensional highlight of the results of research in the field of finance on the issues of the current state and the development of financial markets in the context of globalization and integration.

The task of the scientific publication.

Creation of favorable conditions for the authors to highlight the results of research on the basis of scientific equality and tolerance. Presentation of actual, probable, reliable, original materials, which are the elements of scientific novelty. Ensuring unhindered use of scientific knowledge.

Principles of scientific publication.

Open access to scientific publications

Frequency of release

Compliance with copyright and confidentiality

Objectivity and impartiality in the choice of articles for publication

The requirement for the quality of materials offered for printing

Adherence to the policy of academic integrity and anti-plagiarism












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