Requirements to articles


According to normative documents and standards (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 32 of January 15, 2018, DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006 "Bibliographic Record, Bibliographic Description - General Requirements and Rules of Composition", etc.), the editorial office establishes the relevant requirements for the preparation of publications and accompanying documents documents submitted by the authors.

We draw your attention to the necessity to observe the following necessary conditions:

  1. Printed articles are accepted, which correspond to the profile of the magazine "Ukrainian Securities Market", are original works, have not been published before and / or are not under review and reviewed in other publications.

  2. Mandatory elements of the article should be:

    - The UDC index, which is determined by the author himself;

    - the title of the article in three languages - in Ukrainian, English, Russian;

    - information about the author (authors) - last name, patronymic, academic degree, position and educational (scientific) institution or other place of work - are submitted in three languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian;

    - abstract of the article in three languages - in Ukrainian, English, Russian. In this case, the abstract in English should be as informative as possible and should consist of 300-350 words. Annotation in Ukrainian and Russian - 40-70 words;

    - keywords in three languages - in Ukrainian, English, Russian (given in the nominal case, the total number of keywords - not less than six and not more than ten);

    The main text of the article in accordance with the requirements of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine of 15.01.03 7-05 must include:

    - problem statement in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;

    - analysis of the main researches and publications, which initiated the solution of this problem, to which the said article is devoted;

    - formulation of the aims of the article (statement of the task); a summary of the main research material with a full substantiation of the scientific results obtained;

    - conclusions from the research and prospects of further exploration in the chosen direction;

    - the list of used sources is issued in accordance with the standard DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006 "Bibliographic record - bibliographic description - general requirements and rules of compilation" (Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 3, 2008). It is desirable that all references to the literature in the article should be made. Re-citation is not allowed;

  3. REFERENCES (Latin patch list). Such lists make it possible to evaluate the significance and recognition of the work of specific authors, the scientific level of magazines, their founders and countries, to determine the relevance of scientific directions and problems, and so on. References are given entirely by a separate block, repeating the list of literature in the Ukrainian-language part.

  4. If the list contains links to foreign publications (except for the characters using Chinese characters, etc.), they are repeated in the Latin list. In References, get rid of unnecessary information about the publication ("material conf.", "Collections of articles", "2 kind." "Processing", etc.).

    When registering References you can use any existing international standard, but necessarily provide the following necessary elements:

    For articles: all authors (in transliteration in Latin), article title (English), title of periodical (in transliteration Latin). year; No. (No.): Pages.

    Example: Petrenko K.A., Sidorov O.O. Title of article. Nazva Zbirnyka. 2012; 1 (23): 10-20.

    For conference materials: all authors (in transliteration in Latin), work title (English language), conference title (transliteration Latin, if there is no English title), in brackets, translation of the name into English, place of the conference: place of publication, year, page (translated into English).

    Example: Petrenko K.A., Sidorov O.O. Effective management. Mizhnarodna Konferentsiya (International Conference). KYIV: DVNZ "KNEU", 2013, p. 5-8.

    For books: all authors (in transliteration in Latin), the title of the book in transliteration [translated into English], the city (translated into English): the name of the publishing house (transliteration), the year of publication, the page.

    Example: Petrenko K.A., Sidorov O.O. Economic Encyclopedia. KYIV: DVNZ "KNEU", 2014. 200 p.

  5. Tables in the text must be executed in Excel or Word; formulas - in the MS Equaition formula editor. Pictures executed in Word should be one graphic object. All illustrations should be submitted in black and white, other methods of pouring can be used. Scanned illustrations and tables are invalid.

  6. The article is supplemented with a copyright notice containing the contact details of the author (s) of the article.












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